Hikers Save Dog They Find Trapped At Bottom Of Mine Shaft

Hikers saved a sweet dog trapped at the bottom of an old abandoned mining shaft after they stumbled across her. But the dog was almost not rescued.

A week before the dog was saved, Preston Gladd was out hiking in the Beaver Creek area of Fairplay, Colorado when he heard growling coming from the cave containing the mine shaft. He thought it was a wild animal at first and didn’t dare investigate. It was a week later when Gladd was hiking in the same area, but this time he heard a distinct barking.

He knew then that the wild animal was actually a dog and and right away called friends for help. His girlfriend, Portia Scovern and his roommate, Gannon Ingels brought climbing gear so they could mount a rescue. They used ropes to lower Gladd into the 20-foot mining shaft and down to the hapless dog.

Screenshots via Facebook

Once they brought the dog up they gave her water and food.

They brought the dog home and gave her a shower and immediately posted a note up to Facebook.

Scovern shared a video of the dog’s rescue along with a plea for help to find the dog’s family. (Please wait a few seconds for the video to load.)

“We rescued a doggy from an abandoned mine shaft outside Fairplay/Southpark, Colorado,” Scovern wrote. “She is not reported missing at any vet or police station and she is not microchipped..She is underweight and dehydrated, but we are shocked that she has no injuries after a 20ft fall.”

Gladd also posted multiple pictures to various Lost and Found pages.

It didn’t take long for the dog – named Cheyenne – to be recognized and Scovern shared “Facebook helped find the owner before the sun came up!”

Cheyenne was reunited with her family a few days later. What a fantastic rescue story. Thank goodness Gladd happened upon Cheyenne when he did or who knows if she would have survived!

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