Loyal Greyhound Stayed By Her Deceased Owner’s Side For A Month Before Being Found

They made a heartbreaking discovery. A rescued greyhound had loyally remained by her owner’s body for a month before she was found and taken to a shelter.

The 9-year-old retired racing greyhound had miraculously survived but faced an uncertain future at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas.

Named Dory, the volunteers at the shelter wanted to do something to help the sweet senior dog.

“This dog has been home with her deceased owner for a month,” the Harris County Animal Shelter Pets In Need Facebook page wrote. “Owner’s body was just found today so pup was brought to shelter.”

They posted a video of Dory when she was first admitted. She looks tired, sad and bewildered, but given what she had been through, who wouldn’t be?

She was very skinny and needed someone to rescue her and give her time to recover from her harrowing ordeal.

Their plea didn’t go unnoticed and it reached Greyhound Pets of America (GPA Houston), who picked her up after her mandatory hold was over (a week after she had been brought in).

“Dory’s shelter hold expired so we can now officially welcome her to the GPAH family! She is doing well in her foster home; each day, she gets a little more comfortable after all the changes she’s experienced lately,” the rescue group wrote on Facebook.

Greyhound Pets of America

“The first couple of days were a bit stressful, but she has now settled in and is blossoming,” Arden Tucker, president of GPA Houston, told The Dodo. “Like all greyhounds, she loves to sleep and can’t get enough of relaxing on the sofa or on the deck in the sun.”

Greyhound Pets of America

Greyhound Pets of America – Houston says that Dory is the “sweetest hound ever” and is currently in a foster home and will “need a dental and small dog/cat testing before she becomes available for adoption”.

Keep an eye on their website to see when she becomes available for adoption and how you can help other Greyhounds like her.

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