Great Dane Hilariously Demands His Dad Give Him A Piece Of Sandwich

Ron sure has his hands full with his Great Dane Dinky! When Dinky notices dad is enjoying an homemade egg sandwich, he makes sure dad knows that he wants some. “Linda listen” says Ron, “You didn’t your food, why do you want mine?!” In response, Dinky notches up his begging routine a bit more and starts rumbling “I love you”.

That’s when Dinky’s brother Romeo joins in and tries the silent approach with the mournful eyes. Finally, dad obliges the gentle giants plus Peanut (who’s sitting below his big brothers). How could he not? They are such “good boys”.

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This is not the first time Dinky has hilariously thrown a fit when he wanted something. Check out what he did when he got jealous of Romeo getting more hugs than him.

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