Girl Gently Sings Her New Rescue Puppy To Sleep

A tender moment between a newly adopted rescue puppy and his little human sister is going viral.

Lauren Malone shared the adorable video of her daughter cradling Oakley and singing him to sleep with her very own lullaby. She writes, “And THIS is why you should adopt a rescue dog. Or two. Or three or four. We adopted Oakley this week from our favorite rescue”

For their part, American Lab Rescue didn’t need to see the video to know Oakley is going to be spoiled and have a wonderful life, writing, “Although Oakley will be missed, we know he will be living the most amazing life. We are sure Oakley will get lots of play time, lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of naps.”

From the looks of this gentle scene, they could not be more right.

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