English Bull Terrier Befriends Fawn She Finds In Backyard

Apollo Frankie from Acworth, Georgia shared this adorable video of her English Bull terrier, Frankie, sweetly befriending a newborn fawn in her backyard.

She shared with ViralHog:

“Last night Frankie found a newborn fawn in our yard. We think it was probably born in the backyard. It is apparently very common for mother deer to leave their babies in a safe location after they are born. The babies wait for the mother to come back for feedings.”

“Frankie found her out back and babysat her for a few hours until mom was ready to return. We left our back gate open overnight and saw the mom come back a few times to check on her baby after we took Frankie inside.”

The baby deer follows after Frankie as she walked through the yard. The fawn made sure to stay close behind the dog. Frankie turns around and makes sure her new charge is by her side too.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below:

When Frankie had to leave the fawn alone at night she was worried about the deer. “Frankie cried all night for the little one. We think some of her motherly instincts kicked in. She wanted to go outside and check on her so badly!” says her human.

But this story has a happy end for the fawn. Her mother returned that evening and the two were no longer in the yard the next morning. “Both mom and baby were gone in the morning, probably moved to a safer location,” says Apollo.

But Frankie and her family will always have this wonderful video memory.

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