Woman Finds Pair Of Angry Bald Eagles Entangled In Tree

Deb Corty was not expecting to wake up to the sounds of screeching eagles in her normally quiet St. Paul, Minnesota neighborhood. Although eagles are a relatively common sight, she knew something different was going on because of the loud commotion in the tree on her front lawn.

She went to investigate and found two large eagles stuck in a lower branch, WCCO News reported. The male eagles were angry and couldn’t free themselves so authorities were called to come and help.

bald eagles fighting

Photo credit: Facebook

By the time firefighters from the South Metro Fire Department came, the eagles were almost done and as the video below shows, just as rescuers were raising the ladder platform to free them, the eagles managed to untangle themselves!

“I was just glad they weren’t hurt,” Corty said at the end of the raptors’ fight. “We were worried about them falling out. They were right above that picket fence. So if they did fight hard enough and fall, who knows.”

As it turns out, the pair didn’t seem to be harmed or hold a grudge. They flew off in opposite directions when they were freed.

This video reminds me of the time two fighting swans who got entangled and asked for help!

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