Great Grandma Volunteers As EMT Ambulance Driver At 87 Years Old

This is one great grandma you want to see behind the wheel of a car! That’s because Edna Mitchell is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). At 87, she is Maine’s oldest EMT. She has been volunteering for the Liberty Fire Department and driving the ambulance since 1978.

How does she continue to do it? For one she keeps in shape, doing 20 minutes of exercises every morning. Secondly, she loves what she does, so much so she’s inspired the younger generations in her family to continue the tradition. Two of her granddaughters and one great granddaughter have become EMTs themselves.

“Her mother was an EMT and if the two of us were the only ones who answered we’d take her and put her in the car seat in the front of the ambulance and she went on runs when she was a baby,” Edna said of her family’s early introduction to emergency work.

Even though she’s planning to retire in December 2016, Edna has no plans on quitting early. Not when she knows she’s making a difference.

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