Elderly Dog Cries When She Notices Soldier Has Returned Home

The bond between 21-year-old Army Pvt. Hannah Foraker and her dog Buddy is very strong. Hannah and the 13-year-old Golden Retriever grew up together and had Hannah had never been away from home before, until she recently left for basic training for three months.

So when she returned home for a visit, Buddy was beside herself when she realized Hannah was there. “When I came home we let her outside and, at first, she didn’t realize I was home,” Hannah told ABC News. “Then, she did a double-take and came back to me. That’s when she started crying and whimpering. She was so excited.”

Buddy, who suffers from arthritis and is mostly deaf, was Hannah’s shadow for her entire visit. Although Hannah worries that each time she sees Buddy might be the last, she makes sure to keep in touch with her via Skype. And as you can see in the video below, the two make sure to hold hands and give each other lots of hugs.

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