Dying Boy Tells His Seriously Ill Mother To Let Him Die So He Can Save Her Life

There are no words to describe how deeply affecting this true story is. Zhou Lu and her son Chen Xiaotian were touched by tragedy when Chen was 5-years-old. The boy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Although doctors caught the disease early, doctors told the family he would not live long. Only months later, doctors discovered Zhou had kidney disease.

For two years the mother and son battled their diseases together. Eventually, Chen’s health deteriorated and the boy became blind and bedridden. His mother was doing better but doctors told her she would need a kidney transplant to live. They told her that her son Chen would be a perfect match, but she immediately refused.

Her son overheard what the doctors had suggested and refused to let his mother die if he could prevent it. He told his mother he wanted to save her life. Zhou adamantly refused again, but she finally relented to her son’s wish, acknowledging “if her son was to die her only consolation was that part of him would live on in her.”

Doctors successfully performed the organ transplant a few hours after courageous and selfless boy passed away on April 2, 2014. A short time later his kidney not only helped his mother, his other kidney went to a 21-year-old girl and his liver was given to a 27-year-old man.

Nothing can compare to this young boy’s selfless act.

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