Dogs Hours Away From Dying Find Homes Thanks To These Pilots

Every day dogs are euthanized at shelters across the United States. Unfortunately, over capacity forces shelters to make room for more dogs and so the vicious circle continues.

Thankfully, there are many dedicated animal rescue volunteers trying to put a stop to it. Although spay and neuter programs are an important part of the solution, one animal rescue group has a different approach. They are stopping euthanasia of pets through relocation.

Volunteer pilots with Wings of Rescue fly dogs from overcrowded shelters and relocate them to shelters and rescues in other parts of the country that have adopters waiting for animals.

Sometimes the dogs flown away are only hours away from being euthanized! But thanks to these pilots dedicating their time and aircraft, many of the dogs end up being in new homes instead.

Just watching the happy faces of the people collecting the dogs from their flights was enough to bring happy tears to my eyes!

What these volunteers and pilots do is simply wonderful. Share what Wings of Rescue does and help them build more connections between shelters and volunteers in your neighborhood!