21 Dogs Who Don’t Know The Meaning Of Personal Space

Have you ever had your dog in your face, literally? Dogs love being sociable and being by their family’s side, which sometimes means they take over your personal space in outrageous ways. They’re not doing it to be annoying, it’s just that they love you so much!

1. “She was yelling, ‘auntie he’s squishing me!’ I look back to find him completely content.”

2. “I used to live in my parent’s house with my three sisters. I’ve recently moved into my own house with just my wife. That must mean that when I poop, I don’t have to lock the door anymore, right? Wrong.”

3. “My dog has personal space issues.”

4. “The little one is excited!”

5. “There’s always more room for one more, right?”

6. “When my dog decided to sit on my cat.”

7. “Two months off the race track and my adopted greyhound is still trying to understand what being a lap dog is all about.”

8. “Chloe doesn’t understand personal space.”

9. “The perks of owning a Great Dane mix.”

10. “Sometimes she has problems recognising personal space.”

11. “My Great Dane thinks he’s a parrot.”

12. “According to Lily I make a good pillow.”

13. “What’s this personal space you speak of?”

14. “My dachshund doesn’t care about my boyfriends personal space.”

15. “My pup got a little crushed on the ride back home last weekend…”

16. “Yeah…I’m just gonna sit right here.”

17. If you sit on the floor, this is what you’ll get.

18. “My buddy Rooney has personal space issues.”

19. “No sense of personal space.”

20. “You think your cats don’t respect personal space? That’s an 80lb Rottweiler mix.”

21. The classic “butt in the face”!

Dogs may intrude on your personal space every now and then, but what’s not to love about it? Share these funny photos with your friends and family!

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