32 Tough Dogs Who Are Afraid Of The Silliest Things

These dogs bring new meaning to the phrase “scaredy cats”. Not every dog is born full of courage and meant to be the fierce protector of your home. In fact, many dogs are tender-hearted and have their fears and phobias much like people do.

Some dogs are afraid of quirky things that may leave their humans scratching their heads. While others have fears are completely understandable. Who wouldn’t be afraid of thunder and lightning storms, or noisy vacuum cleaners or loud fireworks?

As any dog parent will tell you, it takes some patience and persistence to work with your dog to help them overcome their fears. Creating a “safe place” whether it be a crate or a cuddle in your arms will go a long way in calming your fur friend’s fears. Whatever it is they are scared of, you can’t help but “awwwww” at the sweeties in these photos.

1. “‘But I’m Scared’. Rocky’s first flight.”

"But I'm Scared" Rockys first flight

2. “Kittens are scary.”

3. “Roomba, the NOPE of dog world.”

4. “My 85 lb dog is scared of my sister’s 1.5 lb foster kitten.”

My 85 lb dog is scared of my sister’s 1.5 lb foster kitten from aww

5.”She saw a mouse.”

6. Another mouse (but a toy one, LOL).

7. “You said we were going to the park. Liar!”

8. “Puppysitting this lil girl. She is scared of the lawnmower.”

9. “My dog thinks this is the safest place when the vacuum is running.”

10. “My dog is horrified that it’s her birthday.”

11. “Arky wanted to ride with me on the tractor. After I started the engine, he got scared and wrapped his front arms around my neck and his back legs around my leg.”

12. “My cousin’s dog watching shark week.”

13. “Scared by fireworks, our dog was really determined to stay next to Daddy.”

14. “My dog is terrified of crossing bridges.”

15. “He doesn’t like hardwood floors.”

16. “She was afraid of the other dogs barking at the store, so she climbed on the bottom shelf and tried to hide.”

17. “He was sleeping, when a car backfiring scared him, and he accidentally ran into the pool.”

18. “Dog was too scared from the fireworks. No problem, this indestructible box will keep her safe. She is no longer scared.”

19. “She Is Afraid Of Rain. Even When It’s Only Drizzling, She Pretends That We’re Not At Our Destination Yet.”

20. “Smoke detector low battery was chirping which scared the dog. This is how my special guy ‘hides’.”

21. “My puppy is scared of the hallway so anytime one of us go to the bedroom she waits patiently.”

My puppy is scared of the hallway so anytime one of us go to the bedroom she waits patiently. from aww

22. “That’s right dog, be afraid.”

23. “My buddy’s dog meeting their new pup.”

24. “Our little dog is scared of storms. But bookshelves are safety, apparently.”

25. “My dog is afraid of vacuums. Came out of the shower and heard him whining.”

26. “My dog is scared of my guitar. So I took advantage of his weakness and started eating on the back of my guitar so he won’t interrupt me.”

27. Ginormous human pugs are scary.

28. The zucchini is just too big.

29. The cat intruded on the couch.

30. “Our dog is scared of thunderstorms. Took 20 minutes to find him.”

31. “I was cutting wood and my dog got a little scared.”

32. “When you don’t have a doggy gate at work but your dog is 100% afraid of electronics.”

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