Stray Dog With Shredded Paws Finally Lets Rescuers Close Enough To Catch Her

A dog who is believed to have gotten into some kind of farming machinery, finally got some tender loving care after a difficult rescue. Iris was left behind when her owners who moved away and she had badly injured paws that prevented her from walking properly.

Although the property owner and new renters called for help right away, Iris would live hurt and alone for a month until Pinky Paws ResQ finally managed to catch her. Over that time the wounds to her paws worsened and she lost a lot of weight.

The rescue group out of Selma, California, wrote:

“Property owner and two renters said Oct. 7 Fresno humane was called never came out. Fresno humane was called again Oct. 8 and went out. She was dragging her back end and they lost her. Everyone thought a trap was set but it was never set.”

“I went out with friends for days and long hours no one else showed to help. I was sinking in the mud and no sighting. Nov. 3rd, 3 weeks later she was spotted again skin and bones. No one recognized her. No one thought she was alive [after] she disappeared.”

“She was now hopping fast thru underbrush vines. We ran for hours didn’t have enough help and then it got dark.”

Pinky Paws ResQ

Unsuccessful in their rescue attempts, Pinky Paws begged for volunteers to help and over 20 people of all ages answered the call!

They filmed the moment they were able to finally able to catch her and take her to safety.

Here she is finally being lifted into a crate.

Photos of Iris’ paws show them to be scraped raw because she was unable to walk properly and the veterinarian found pieces of plastic and bone sticking through her back paws.

The vet did not find any broken bones – a miracle – but believes she “may have gotten into some kind of farming machinery”.

Pinky Paws ResQ

Treating her paws was a painful procedure, but she is on the mend.

Pinky Paws ResQ

Pinky Paws notes that Iris is terrified of people and a “bit jumpy” whenever anyone tries to pet her, but she’s headed to an experienced foster who will give her the love and care she deserves.

Pinky Paws ResQ

Pinky Paws ResQ

To help Iris and dogs like her visit Pinky Paws ResQ for more information.