Dog Not Allowed On Couch Hilariously Tries To Bend The Rules

A dog has found a way to skirt the “no couch” rule in an adorable way after one too many times covering the couch with mud.

After Lexie the Boxer got into the habit of running straight for the couch after being outside, her humans decided it was best to train Lexi to keep off the couch.

But the Boxer wasn’t ready to give up the comfy nap spot so easily. In fact, Lexie has her on unique way of bending the rules that’s hard not to laugh at.

She figures if her back feet are on the floor, she’s technically not on the couch.

She’ll stretch the rest of her body up onto the soft cushions, but her back paws are always touching the ground. Many dogs find awkward ways to rest, and are perfectly fine with it.

Watch Lexie turn on the cute with a “Wha, me?” stare when mom asks her to get off the sofa. You can’t help but admire Lexie’s moxie!

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