Sweet Dog Takes Care Of Adopted Kitten On Their Outdoor Adventures Together

Henry, a former shelter dog is the “best big brother” a kitten could ask for. Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend love hiking and the two regularly go hiking and camping throughout Colorado. What makes their adventures all the more fun are their two furry family members – Henry the dog and Baloo the Siamese cat come along with them.

Henry was the first to join them on their trips to the Great Outdoors. Then came Baloo. Cynthia is more than thrilled that both of her animals love traveling with them, and regularly shares photos of their family adventures on Instagram.

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Cynthia met Henry at an adoption event at a shelter several years ago and instantly fell in love with him. Henry was equally smitten.

Henry took to hiking naturally and loves to be outdoors. He used to be the only four-legged camper with mom.

They shared many adventures together…

Then Baloo came along. Cynthia and her boyfriend adopted Baloo from a shelter too. He fell in love with Henry and the outdoors too.

“He LOVES the outdoors + will cry if we don’t take him on our walks with Henry,” says Cynthia on Instagram. “This morning we took Baloo on his very first mountain adventure + he hiked, met a bunch of people, and met at least 10 pups!

Soon, Henry’s signature look – the cat hat – was born.

“Giddy up, Henry!”

Henry’s not the only one to carry Baloo around. “Baloo did lots of hiking on the Great Sand Dunes and was in kitty heaven! But Baloo’s little legs do get tired, so he hitched a ride, always making sure that his head is peaking outside of my pack,” writes Cynthia.

Baloo also got introduced to the Colorado snow. “He wasn’t sure how he felt about it! He would run around and then he would realize that he was getting wet.”

The clever kitty soon realized it’s warmer and dryer up high.

“Baloo had his first really snowy hike + surprised all of us with how well he did! Snow is Henry’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, so of course he went a little nuts.”

The two pals are now always by each other’s side.

They can handle the cold together.

“Baloo is also now in love with Henry’s sleeping bag + is already addicted to camping.”

“Henry has become the best big brother and always checks on him to make sure he is doing okay. He [Baloo] couldn’t be fitting into our little family any better and we just love him to the moon and back.”

And the two are always up at the crack of dawn ready for a day of new adventures!

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