Tiny Dog Found In Deep Ravine Nursing Orphaned Kitten

A tiny Shih Tzu was found protecting a kitten in a deep ravine behind a Home Depot in South Carolina. Concerned residents had called Anderson County Animal Control after hearing the dog barking.


Photo credit: Facebook / Anderson County P.A.W.S.

Officer Michelle Smith discovered the pair and believes the dog must have gone down the ravine herself and found the orphaned kitten.


Photo credit: Facebook / Anderson County P.A.W.S.

She noted that the dog could have easily walked up the embankment on her own, but she refused to leave the kitten alone and must have been calling for help!


The two were brought to Anderson County P.A.W.S. where they immediately stole the hearts of staff and animal lovers around the world.


Photo credit: Facebook / Anderson County P.A.W.S.

The feisty surrogate mom was actually lactating, a result of a “pseudo pregnancy” no doubt in order to help keep her kitten alive.


Photo credit: Facebook / Anderson County P.A.W.S.

The dog was named Goldie and the kitten was named Kate. When Joe and his wife saw Goldie and Kate on the news they wrote a heartfelt letter asking to adopt them.


Photo credit: Facebook / Goldie N Kate

They explained how much the pair reminded them of their former dog and cat who had died within two months of each other. Needless to say, Kate and Goldie have found a wonderful forever home together!

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