Dog Was Very Sad After Losing Her Favorite Toy, But Gets Special Surprise From Her Family

Every dog has their favorite toy, but for Cinnamon hers was a “Garlic” plush toy that she absolutely adored. It was the only toy she would not destroy and she carried it everywhere like it was her baby, until one day her doggy friend came for a visit and ripped it to shreds. Not nice, friend, not nice.

Luckily, her humans reached out to Excel gum – which had given away the toy – and asked if they could send a replacement. They explained that for months after the loss of “Garlic”, poor little Cinnamon has not taken to another toy.

The company responded and sent over a new toy, and her family made sure to have the cameras rolling when Cinnamon was about to see her favorite toy again.

Her humans say she was so happy she pranced around for half an hour showing off her new “baby”. I think her family will make sure that Garlic never gets into the hands of another “friend” again!

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