Security Cam Films Dog Coming To The Rescue Of His Friend In Pool

A dog was captured on security footage coming to the rescue of another dog struggling in a pool.

According to redditor u/blackandwhitechecker, who posted the video clip, the dog was visiting and saved her mother’s dog. She captioned the video, “My best friend’s dog saves my mom’s dog”.

In the clip, a black dog in the pool is trying to get out, frantically doggie paddling and putting a paw on the pool’s edge.

The other dog appears to be trying to lead the dog in the pool to the shallower end, but after he is unsuccessful, he jumps into the water to help push the struggling dog out.

Pools pose a danger to pets and wild animals. It is recommended to never leave animals or children unattended by a pool. Also consider teaching your dog how to swim and exit a pool to avoid the possibility of them getting into trouble.