Golden Retriever Hilariously Redecorates Home With His Muddy Paws

When this dog’s mom returned home from work, she discovered he had decided to redecorate their new home with mud!

The woman, who lives in Brazil, wrote, “I went to work and left the door open if he had to poo, as he doesn’t do anything inside only in the grass. But it rained that day and he decided to “decorate” the house. We had just moved to the house, it was brand new and we only had a sofa and bed.”

Oops! But on the plus side, it’s a good thing they only have two pieces of furniture! It’s so cute seeing how happy her dog is to see her home.

I think every dog lover can relate at least one time their dog has redecorated the home. Share this cute video with your friends and family.

This pup reminds me of the husky who got into his family’s ink jar and left a serious impression around the house!

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