Dog Owner Builds Dog An Awesome Puzzle Toy To Keep Her From Getting Bored

Bella is a very active and energetic Belgian Malinois so Evaline Poot thought up a creative toy to keep her dog from becoming bored.

She writes, “Bella needed something to keep her I’ve had this toy made for Bella because she eats to fast when I just put the food in her bowl. But also because she has a lot of energy, her breed is extremely intelligent, has a big will to please and she wants to play all the time!”

It looks like Bella loves it! Evaline added that “this game is also nice to use on a rainy day, or on a hot day, when it is too warm to run around.”

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.

Wondering how to build one yourself? The Russian Hacker shows his version of the Bottle Toy.

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