Watch As Family Dog Helps Nab Suspects Fleeing Police After They Run Into His Backyard

A family’s dog became an unexpected hero after he helped take down a couple of drug suspects who were trying to run away from police.

Deputies in Volusia County reported that they were chasing two suspected drug dealers in a car with a stolen tag when the incident was recorded by a sheriff’s office helicopter.

The chopper was tracking the pair of suspects as they pulled into a home and took off on foot. But what the video also captured was the actions of a rescue dog named Georgio, who didn’t much like the two men running uninvited into his family’s backyard!

Video shows the two men cornered by Georgio and trying to duck past him, only for one of them to be tackled by Georgio to the ground. The chopper pilot tells police “one’s getting attacked by a neighbor’s dog, here.” Georgio’s dad, Mario Figueroa, says he was lighting his fire pit in the backyard for a relaxing evening by the fire, when he heard his dog make a noise.

“All of a sudden I hear the dog tackle a guy in the yard, a gentleman runs by me and I hear one of them say, ‘Get the dog off me,'” he told ClickOrlando. “He didn’t even bark. The guys were on his territory and he took them down.”

The suspects continued to flee but were captured a few houses down, this time with a K9 officer finishing off the task.

Watch the chopper footage in the video below.

After Figueroa saw footage of what Georgio did, he says he’s pretty proud of his dog. “Yeah, he took him down like a professional police dog. He’s pretty awesome. Georgio just took care of me. He’s a wonderful dog.”