Dog Adorably ‘High-Fives’ Runners At New York City Marathon

If a marathon runner is in need of motivation, look no further than the sidelines for Marty McFly the dog. At the recent New York City Marathon a dog was spotted giving out high-fives from the side of the road in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Marty can be seen standing up on his back legs and with his dad holding on to him, he puts his paws out to the runners for a high five. The runners get a big grin on their face as they run over to Marty and give him a paw/high five back. No wonder the adorableness has quickly gone viral.

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“Heckin’ high fives for everyone running the #NYCMarathon,” reads a caption on Instagram video. Marty, it turns out, is a “lab/beagle rescue from Texas.”

The video was reposted by “Dogs Being Basic” with a very appropriate caption, reading, “This is the most convincing case of I’ve seen to consider running, ever.”

I’d have to agree that if there was a Marty McFly cheering me on, I’d probably go running more often!