Dog Hides In Bushes Every Time Her Mom Says It’s Time To Leave The Park

Poppy the puppy thinks she’s come up with a brilliant plan to keep her time in the park from coming to an end – she hides in the bushes so her mom can’t find her. But Poppy isn’t quite as clever as she thinks she is. Her mom, Lisa Brownson‎, posted a video of Poppy hiding from her with the caption “And she thinks I can’t see her.”

Poppy adorably pops her head up and down in the shrubbery each time her mom calls for her. Poppy doesn’t look like she’s in a rush to respond because she she’s enjoying a grassy snack and the sunshine while listening to her mom call out to her in vain.

Of course, Poppy isn’t the only dog to adorably protest when it’s time to go home. There are dogs that simply flop down and refuse to move and others that howl in protest. But Poppy’s evasion technique is one I haven’t seen before.

Watch Poppy’s adorable protest in the short video below and share it with your dog-loving friends to give them a smile.

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