Dog Found Alive While News Crew Follows Rescuer Through Dog “Boneyard”

While filming a news report in an area of southeast Dallas known as a dumping ground for unwanted or dead dogs, a dog rescuer hears a sound in the forest that leads to a heartbreaking discovery.

Marina Tarashevska is a dog rescuer who regularly visits to a forest long known for being a dog graveyard. She searches through the woods for evidence to bring justice to the deceased dogs who have no voice and, in rare cases, to rescue the dying.

“I know just because I’m out here doesn’t mean it’s going to stop,” she says in the video. “But once you know this exists, you have a responsibility to do something about it.”

In the video below, Tarashevska is being interviewed by Dallas Morning News, when she and the crew stumble across a dog who is still alive! Tarashevska snatches up the sick and emaciated Rottweiler up in her arms and races to her car to get the dog to hospital.

Warning: The following video contains graphic footage of deceased dogs.

The dog Tarashevska rescued that day in July survived and is now named Hope. She is being cared for in a loving foster home with Dallas Dog RRR.

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