Homesick German Shepherd Makes Great Escape From Animal Shelter

The day Ginger the German Shepherd was dropped off at the Apple Valley Animal Shelter in California by her homeless owner, she disappeared. Alarms went off in the shelter that evening, altering animal control officers of an intruder. They went to investigate and didn’t find anyone, but they found some mess and noticed Ginger was gone!

When they reviewed the surveillance footage they made a surprising discovery. No one had broken in and stolen Ginger, Ginger had broken out herself!

The clever canine was seen on cameras opening a door all by herself. But the homesick dog didn’t open just one door, she opened three to make her escape. Luckily, she was found safe a few days later.

Ginger had returned to where she used to live, before her owner had become homeless. It should be noted that Ginger’s former owner made the painful decision to give her up because he didn’t want Ginger to be living out of a car with him.

Shelter workers want to share Ginger’s story in a plea to find the super smart dog a home and a job. They believe that the German Shepherd is an excellent candidate to be trained for an important job as she’s obviously got a lot of intelligence and natural deductive abilities.

“We would love someone who works with German shepherds to adopt her and train her for an important job,” Gina Whiteside, director of animal services at the shelter, told ABC News. “She is brilliant.”

“Help us share Ginger’s story so we can find her a permanent loving home. Ginger is a smart, resourceful dog. She needs an experienced owner and a job that puts her greatness to use. Please share her video,” the shelter writes.

Ginger soon found the perfect forever home thanks to Apple Valley Animal Shelter, no doubt with a family she’ll never want to escape from.

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