Dog Dumped In Mountains Is Rescued But Her Original Owner Thought She Had Died 2 Years Ago

She was living in the mountains and starving. But when Hope For Paws was called, a stray dog who was on her last legs finally had a hope of surviving. Hope For Paws received a call from a Good Samaritan living at a gated community in California, who noticed the dog wandering around.

Apparently, Animal Control had tried to save her several times but didn’t succeed. But this time, Edna was easy to approach and she nibbled the bits of hamburgers rescuers offered her.

It turns out Edna was microchipped but her previous owner said she had given her away, and that the new owners had told her she had died. Edna had, in fact, been dumped, by who – who knows? But one thing for sure, she had been left to die but she held on for two years!

Edna’s old owner didn’t want her back and asked Hope For Paws to find her a new home. And that’s exactly what they did with the help of Doggies 911.

Edna sure didn’t have a good time the past 2 years. But seeing her in foster care and a few weeks later with her new mom getting belly rubs, she sure looks like a different dog!

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