Deer Turns Woman’s Harp Session Into A Disney Movie

A harpist got a surprise audience when a wild deer came out of the woods and approached her while she played outside.

The white-tailed deer is seen off in the distance behind the harpist, Naomi SV. The deer’s tail wags back and forth in curiosity and seems enchanted by her playing, getting closer and closer to her to get a closer listen.

The harpist, meanwhile, is oblivious to the wild animal behind her. She’s absorbed in playing Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence.’

Both end up startled but not before the harpist and deer share a serene moment that has enchanted millions of viewers.

One viewer commented on YouTube, “The deer looked happy, waving his tail… is the path to one’s soul!”

PonPon Sugar wrote, “Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but according to the googles when a dear wags/swishes its tail it means they are relaxed & at ease. Which I think is the sweetest thing, as it just stood there listening as if they stumbled upon a forest nymph!”

“Nothing like summoning nature with beautiful harp music,” wrote another.

Music truly is the universal language. Just look at what this deer does.

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