Heartwarming Moment Of Dad Sharing Soccer Match With His Blind Son Caught On Camera

A heartwarming video of a father enjoying a soccer match with his blind son is going viral for good reason. It shows just how fun sports can be for spectators with disabilities if friends and loved ones give it a little bit of thought.

This dad cleverly uses a miniature pitch with markings to help his son follow what’s going on in the game. He uses his son’s hands to map out the plays going on on the field so he can visualize what the teams are doing. The two are exchange lots of smiles and it’s clear they are thoroughly enjoying the game together.

It is moments like these that make soccer (or football, as it’s known in most of the world) truly “the beautiful game”.

Watch and share the short clip with your friends! Press the play button/image to play.

Dad marking out on a small football pitch with his blind son’s hands what’s going on down on the actual pitch. from sports