Cyclist Comes Face To Face With Mountain Lion Stalking Him

Chris was on a mountain biking adventure in Fernie, Fernie, British Columbia, when he had a little more adventure than he was planning on. He ended up running into a mountain lion!

After noticing the big cat, he began to back away, but the cougar began stalking him. Chris bravely remained calm, trying to scare off the cat by talking to it. He even had the presence of mind to record the frightening encounter on video.

I have to say, when I heard the cougar growling at him, I freaked out!

Chris did exactly what you are supposed to do if you run into a mountain lion. He knew not to turn his back on the cougar and he maintained eye contact. He let the cougar know he is a human by using a loud and assertive voice and he backed away slowly.

You should never turn your back and run away from a cougar because they will chase and attack you!

Although attacks on people are very rare, it’s a good idea to ride in groups when venturing into the wilderness, bring bear spray and throw rocks to scare off mountain lions.

I don’t know if I’d have the guts to stay calm, but Chris was very brave through his close encounter!

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