Cat Reacts After Realizing Mom Has Been Petting His Arch Enemy

When it comes to keeping neighborly affection, Ricky the cat doesn’t have much, especially when it comes to the stray cat that hangs out at his apartment complex. In fact, even the smell of his arch nemesis drives him crazy.

His human demonstrates just how cranky Ricky is about his enemy by going outside, petting the stray kitty and then comes back inside to give Ricky a pet. His reaction when he smells her hand is quite startling.

She writes, “Ricky freaks out at even the smell of the stray cat in my apt complex. The usually friendly cat would hang around my front door and climb up to my balcony looking for Ricky. They had been in one fight before that led to Ricky needing stitches in his foot…and now Ricky isn’t allowed outside without my supervision. [T]he scent of the stray clearly still drove him crazy.”

Ricky didn’t have to fight for his territory much longer. Mom reveals that they moved and Ricky now lives with two other male cats whom Ricky “gets along with famously” She adds, he’s gone back to “his normal, lazy self.”

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