Cowboy Expertly Lassoes Runaway Cow From Hood Of Police Car

A cowboy lassoing a runaway cow on a highway in Paris, Tennessee has gone viral not only for the unusual nature of the event, but from where he roped the calf – riding on top of a police cruiser’s hood!

In a clip posted by Monte Belew of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, cowboy David Bevill is sitting on top of his patrol car, while readying his lasso to catch the calf that was running down Hwy 79.

“Hi folks, I’ve got David Bevill on the front of my patrol car and we got a calf found in the middle of the highway,” Belew explains in the video. “We’ve been going down the middle of the highway and we’re going to try and rope him right here.”

Bevill manages to successfully ropes the calf with an excellent throw, to which Sheriff Belew yells with excitement as they finally get the animal under control. “We just roped him!” he shouts. “We got him! We just stopped him! Tie him to the front of my car!”

It’s not a sight that you would think would be common to see, but according to Bevill it’s not as odd a call as you might think. He told News Channel 5 Network that “Our motto is that I say ‘there’s no call we won’t take’,” he explained. “You just have to adapt and improvise to the situation at hand.”

As for Bevill, he said it was “the best loop” he’s ever thrown in his life.

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