Funny Cow Caught Eating Family’s Mail From The Mailbox

When the family Hudson get their mail delivered to their mailbox, they may want to consider getting it right away. Erin Hudson’s daughter captured this hilarious footage of a cow eating their mail in Afton, Iowa, recently.

The cow looks like she’s enjoying the letter snack until she sees Erin’s husband coming out. Sensing she’s in trouble, the mischievous cow makes off with the letter in her mouth. Watching the naughty bovine, Erin’s heard exclaiming, “I hope it’s nothing important.”

Erin told Storyful, “There are yearling heifers in a lot by our house. Them getting out is almost a daily thing because they are young and just pulled from their mothers. But this is something I’ve never seen them do.”

“After we got them away from it they didn’t get put back in their pen right away so they went back to it at some point and knocked the whole mail box over and into the ditch,” she continued. “It was obviously very interesting to them.”

Watch the whole hilarious scene in the video below and share it with your friends.