Policeman’s Act Of Kindness Leaves Homeless Man In Tears

A person took a video of two cops talking with a homeless man that is touching hearts of everyone who watches it.

In it, two cops are talking approach a homeless man who was panhandling next to a busy road. There doesn’t seem much to it at first, until you notice the man suddenly hugging the cops.

Deputy Constable Felix Barrigan and his partner stopped the man on the dangerous intersection in Houston, Texas. Right from the start of their conversation, the man was in tears and Barrigan noticed he was “misplaced, hurt”. The man told the officers he needed $49 to get back home to his family in Seattle.

“[I’ve] been through tough times, we’ve all been through it in life and I feel like that was his time and he just needed some help,” Barrigan told KHOU News.

Without hesitating, Barrigan returned to his squad and got the man $100. The man’s tears of despair quickly turned to tears of joy and he wouldn’t stop hugging Barrigan.

Barrigan was surprised later on when he learned that someone had filmed the exchange, although he’s happy they did. He said humbly, “Everybody with a heart should at least try to do something like that at least once in their life.”

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