‘Ugly Duckling’ Dog Found Wandering Streets Welcomed By His New Family

This tiny, funny looking dog is named Cletus. He’s got a crooked nose, a terrible overbite and a hump on his tiny back, likely as result of overbreeding. When Cletus was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles, he was malnourished and had respiratory problems.

He was rescued by Best Friends Animal Society who nurtured him back to health. They put up a photo of him on social media, which is where he came to the attention of Summer Esslingen. She immediately fell in love with Cletus and told her boyfriend, Mark Enrietto, about the dog the moment he returned from work. She told him to go to Best Friends LA and get Cletus right away. Mark dutifully went, but the moment he met Cletus he was in love too.

Mark says Cletus love all dogs, but because of his looks, some dogs don’t like Cletus back and don’t know how to play with him.

Cletus also has health issues, which means gets tired very easily, so he can only walk around the their cul-de-sac for 15 minutes or so, before having to lay down.

Mark and Summer don’t know Cletus’ history, other than knowing he was abandoned, but they are determined to give him a life full of love and happiness.

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