Cat Expresses His Feelings When He Sees Dog The Family Brought Home

To say Cato the cat has strong feelings when he sees the newest family member for the first time might be an understatement. Just watching the way Cato’s ears twitched made me laugh.

The cat completely throws a hissy fit when he sees dad bringing a dog home. Cato’s mom, Kerry, writes, “This is when he sees my husband walk the new dog up to the front door for the first time! Needless to say, he is FURIOUS!”

The way he turns to his mom and recriminates her, it’s like he’s screaming “How could you?!”

As freaked out as Cato was at the time, his family wants to reassure everyone he’s getting used to their dog Zoey. Kerry says:

“We adore our cat, and are very experienced with animals. All we did was let the cat see the dog through the window the first time. They weren’t introduced until MUCH later. Things are obviously a lot better! You just need to trust me that my cat is FINE!”

“He’s just bossy and territorial. The dog is beautifully submissive, kind and quiet around him, exactly why we chose her…He is just a very vocal cat, which is why this is funny. This is also not his first experience with dogs. If I could figure it out, I would post a follow up picture of them sitting contentedly together in the living room. :)”

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