Car Dashcam Catches Frightening Moment Child Runs Behind Bus

This driver’s dashcam captures a harrowing moment on the road that is a lesson all parents need to teach their kids. Filmed in Norway, the driver is following behind a bus and a group of children exit on the side of the road. That’s when one child decides to dash BEHIND the bus without checking traffic coming the other way. What the kid doesn’t realize is that there’s a semi truck coming full speed in the oncoming lane.

What happens next, had my heart leaping in my throat. Thankfully, the driver witnessing the frightening moment honked his horn to warn the oncoming truck! Tragedy is narrowly averted, but it is a reminder to everyone to teach every child road safety when it comes to crossing the road and exiting a bus!

Some viewers have pointed out that in their country it is illegal for opposing traffic not to stop for school buses and people are supposed to cross in front of the bus. Some provinces in Canada may even take away a driver’s license if they attempt to pass a school bus. But this scene appears to have taken place on a rural highway and the bus may be one from public transportation and therefore the same rules may not apply.

Please share this video with your loved ones as a cautionary message in road safety.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.

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