Brave Dog Wrestles Leopard Trying To Snatch Her Baby

A chilling scene was captured by security cameras at a bungalow in the Himalayas. A hungry leopard attempted to snatch a puppy, but the puppy’s mother leapt to the rescue.

The footage was filmed at a a forest official’s bungalow in a Himalayan village, and the footage was later reviewed by staff, who saw how the dog bravely fought off the big cat.

The black and white video reveals a puppy walking on the porch of the bungalow when the leopard sneaks up on the pup and grabs it by the neck. Within seconds, the mother dog turns around and notices her baby in danger.

She charges at the cat, and the cat quickly lets the puppy go and retreats.

The video was filmed in the remote mountain village of Nahan in Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The nearby forests have a number of predators who will sometimes venture into human settlements if they have difficulty finding food.

In the case of this leopard, wildlife officials noted it appeared to have an injured left leg. Divisional Forest Officer Mrintunjay Madhav noticed a sound of dog fight outside his office. When he came out, he saw the dog was licking her two month old puppy who suffered minor injuries. When he reviewed the security cameras he saw the hair-raising footage.

He said that rescue teams alerted the villagers to take extra care of their small children and then set out to trap the injured leopard.

Watch the mama dog defend her baby in the video below.

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