Bonded Poodles Struggling To Survive In Sewer Get A Heartwarming Rescue

Two small dogs were struggling to survive in a sewer under the 1-5 freeway in Los Angeles when Hope For Paws was called out to help. They had been scrounging for several weeks but were luckily fed by a kind-hearted family.

Eldad Hagar and Vanessa Enriquez had to crawl through narrow long sewer tunnels to reach the two dogs. Wary of the strangers approaching, the brother shielded his sister from the rescuers as they approached.

After some gentle coaxing and lots of patience the two dogs were caught. But the siblings got very upset when they were moved apart. They did not want to let the other out of their sight!

Now named Cola and Pepsi, the poodles are under the care of Maltese Rescue California.

Watch these siblings’ heartwarming rescue below and share their story to help find the pair a home!

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