Bobcat Perched On Saguaro Cactus Catches Cyclists By Surprise

Two bikers cycling along a hiking trail in Buckeye, Arizona got quite the surprise when they spotted a bobcat perched on top of a large saguaro.

Philip Houck and Doug Carter were biking along Verrado Lost Creek Trail in the morning when the spotted the unusual sight. They said the cat looked hungry and thirsty so they went to a nearby golf course to get him water and try to lead him down. But they later called animal control.

Eventually, though, the wild cat got down on his own and ran away. The cat did not appear injured.

Bobcats have been known to climb the tall cacti to escape predators and other bobcats have been seen perched on top of saguaro before. Their thick-furred, tough paws enable them to scale the prickly saguaro without getting needles embedded in their feet.

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