Sick And Homeless Dog Transforms Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

When Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws received a call about a sick, homeless dog who was in desperate need of medical attention, he did not realize how sick she was until he saw her.

He found her covered in mange, completely dehydrated and having a problem with her front paw. Eldad had learned from the kind people who called him, she had also recently been pregnant and aborted her puppies because of her ill health. She was definitely one of the sickest dogs he had seen.

Eldad, along with Annie Hart, coaxed her to them with cheeseburger and kind words and she allowed them to rescue her. They named her Bethany, and while driving, Bethany wanted to get close to her rescuers. Annie took this touching photo of Bethany with Eldad as they drove her to hospital.


Photo credit: Hope for Paws

The photo encapsulates what animal rescue is all about. Bethany has such a look of hope in her eyes. And despite the pain she is in, she wraps her paw around Eldad’s arm for comfort!

Once at the vet, the raw and tender Bethany began what would be a 23-day treatment for her mange and infections. As you will see in the video below, she slowly began to heal and entered foster care with the Bill Foundation.

Bethany would spend some time in foster care, healing and learning to become a dog. One dog in particular, helped her on her journey. While in foster she met another foster dog, Olivia, a small fluffy terrier. The two became inseparable, so it was a great joy to her rescuers that the pair ended up being adopted together into a wonderful forever home!

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