Adorable Cow Loves To Make Herself Comfortable In Family’s Living Room

Beryl the Brahman is a heifer who makes herself at home in her family’s home. Literally. Her humans, who have a farm in Australia, have raised her since she was a calf after her mother couldn’t feed her. At two days old, they began bottle feeding Beryl and she hasn’t left their sides since. Beryl’s human parents, Sally and Jake Webster say that she’s stolen their hearts.

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The cow believes she is a member of the family and has many endearing qualities. She loves cuddles.

And lounging about on a sunny day…

She’ll never refuse a belly rub.

She’ll also make herself comfortable in the living room if the door is open!

“On my return home from Cairns one day, I carried in the groceries from the car – I walked past the lounge room and dumped them in the kitchen. On my way out again I noticed that something was a “little” out of the ordinary,” says Sally.

“Bez was just kickin back watching some ABC kids. I call this one……”You’re home earlyyyyyyyy”

She can also be a bit naughty like most animals. What was she getting up to with the laundry basket?

She also loves snuggling with Wilma the dog.

Beryl goes on walks with the family and swims in the river behind their house. “She also knows all the roads that lead home….” She’s always curious about what her family is getting up to.

And she loves bananas and mangoes. Lucky for her they have mango and banana trees growing nearby. “The day they bare fruit will be a life changer for Bez.”

“What’s Beryl’s favourite thing in the whole world??? A scratch!!

No wonder Beryl is winning a social media following. She’s just so sweet and lovable! Share this cute Brahman with your family and friends!

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