Dog Chained In Snowstorm Almost Had His Spirit Broken But Is Freed Just In Time

Among nine chained dogs discovered in rural Kentucky by three animal lovers from Virginia was Benjamin. As winter was approaching, the rescuers worked hard to free the dogs with the dogs’ owner for over a month. By December 30th, six of the nine dogs were saved.

However, when local volunteers went to check on the remaining three dogs (including Benjamin), they were alarmed to find one dog dead.

Benjamin was sitting chained in the snow and suffering from frostbite. A new snowstorm was on its way, and Benjamin, and his companion named Biscuit, needed urgent help.

Within a few hours of posting Benjamin and Biscuit’s predicament on social media, people from all over the country sent donations to help save them. And they were freed!

After 4,500 miles and almost three months of effort, a frostbitten and “broken” Benjamin arrived at the Good Newz Rehabilitation Center run by Dogs Deserve Better animal rescue.

His experience almost broke his spirit. Rescuers wondered, would his spirit return to his body? But they needn’t have worried. A month after he was rescued, he found his forever home! Check out the video below of Benjamin’s journey from life on a chain to freedom.

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