Officer Climbs Into Dumpster To Save Two Baby Owls Thrown Away In The Trash

Why someone would throw two baby owls into a dumpster is anyone’s guess. But luckily for the Great Horn owlets they were spotted by a Good Samaritan who quickly jumped into action to help the two babies.

They contacted Phoenix Police Department who in turn contacted the Arizona Humane Society.

The mother of the owls was nowhere to be seen and the baby birds had no way of flying out of the deep trash bin.

When the Humane Society officer arrived, the birds were huddled in the corner of the bin perched on a garbage bag.


Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

Aside from being thrown away like garbage, the two birds appear uninjured.


Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

He immediately climbed in and put them into a cardboard box for transport.


Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

The two owlets – Grover and Diver – are now with Wild At Heart Raptors, a rescue specializing in rehabilitating wild birds. The group said, “Our owlets have been successfully integrated with a pair of Great-horned owl foster parents here at Wild at Heart and they are doing well.”


Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

The pair will be released into the wild when they are grown.

I’m so glad someone spotted them and called for help! Share Grover and Diver’s story with your friends and family!

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