Baby Elephant Who Falls Over And Can’t Get Back Up Gets A Helping Hand

Toddlers are never steady on their feet. That’s exactly what happens to this baby elephant named Omysha when she’s exploring her enclosure and takes a tumble. The calf falls on her back and gets stuck in the sitting up position and lets out a startled cry.

It takes just split seconds for the adults to rush over and give her a helping hand. They use their trucks to get her back on her four legs and protectively shield her as they walk away from the ledge where she fell. Her parents make sure the tiny elephant feels secure and loved, just like humans do.

Omysha belongs to the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park in Zurich, Switzerland. She lives with her parents Maxi and Indi, as well as seven other adult Asian elephants. Elephants are often likened to humans for their strong family bonds and the way they look out for one another, especially their young.

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