Man Finds An Unexpected Guest Living With A Family Of Ducks

A West Australian man made a surprising discovery when he went to check on his pet duck’s eggs before they hatched. Cuddled among the clutch was a baby marsupial known as a bandicoot.

The mother duck did not seem to be overly bothered so the man named Rex let the little guy sleep among her eggs. Even after the eggs hatched, the bandicoot has stayed with the mother duck for close to a week, although he has popped out a few times.

Rex has observed that the bandicoot’s health is good, suggested that he’s scooting back to visit his mother before scooting back to his adoptive family.

Maybe the little guy wanted a feather-down comforter for the night? Or maybe, he was angling for a future of easy meals? It turns out bandicoots like to eat insects, berries, grubs and… bird feed.

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