After Being Stuffed Into A Suitcase And Left To Die, A Young Pit Bull Finds Forever Home

It seems unimaginable. A malnourished Pit Bull mix was found inside a zipped-up suitcase and left to die outside a housing complex in the South Bronx, New York.


Photo credit: NYPD

The 3-year-old dog was found by New York City Police Department officers in January 2015 and rushed to the ASPCA for emergency care.


Photo credit: ASPCA

Named Fraggle, the abused Pit Bull was in serious condition due to his extremely poor weight, and his rescuers wondered if he would survive. Thankfully, he pulled through!


Photo credit: ASPCA

Fraggle was so weak at first, that he needed help to stand up and walk.


Photo credit: ASPCA

But under the watchful eye of the ASPCA Animal Hospital the young Pit Bull slowly regained his health.


Photo credit: ASPCA

Unfortunately, his abuser has still not been caught but the ASPCA is still offering a reward of $20,000 for information leading to an arrest and an additional $2,000 is being offered by NYPD Crime Stoppers.


Photo credit: ASPCA

But a few months later, Fraggle was up on his feet and looking healthy. Seeing Fraggle now, you’d never believe he was cruelly stuffed inside a suitcase.


Photo credit: ASPCA

When he recovered fully, Fraggle was put up for adoption and shortly after he found his forever home!


Photo credit: ASPCA

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