Abandoned Dog Howled For Days In Parking Lot After Owner Dumped Her

A beautiful white dog was abandoned by her owner in the parking lot of a Sam’s Club in Memphis, Tennessee. For days, the heartbroken dog howled and howled.

Staff said the dog roamed the parking lot looking into car windows. Maybe she was trying to find her heartless owner?

Fortunately for the abandoned dog, a volunteer at Arrow Dog Rescue was leaving a nearby store when she spotted the howling dog. Mary Murphy initially could not get close enough to the dog to slip a collar and leash on her.

So she set up camp. She brought a chair, a book to read, and her own dog, to see if she could win the trust of the lonely dog.


Photo credit: Arrow Dog Rescue


Finally, after 3 and a half days of patience, Mary was able to get a hold of her with the help of Jeff Guy, owner of Memphis Auto Market, ending the dog’s 9 day vigil the parking lot. Jeff named the dog Samantha and made a donation toward her vetting.


Photo credit: Arrow Dog Rescue

Samantha is now ready to begin her new life. “Samantha is safely at Mary’s tonight, and will be riding to Illinois tomorrow,”  Arrow Dog Rescue wrote on December 16, 2015.


Photo credit: Arrow Dog Rescue

“She has had hundreds of people contacting us to adopt her and we can’t tell you how overwhelmed we are by the number of people who want to help. She already has an approved foster adopter and several other back ups as well.”

The photo below is Samantha with her foster adopter!


Photo credit: Arrow Dog Rescue

“And she has gone ‘home’,” the rescue announced. “Samantha is safe and will have a blessed life.”

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