It’s Cuteness Overload When 16 Curious Basenji Puppies Chase Boy Around The House

What’s cuter than a puppy? Sixteen all together! Dag Christer Lie and his wife Liv, live in Norway with their two sons and raise Basenji puppies. The puppies in the video are from three different litters and love romping and playing with the family. They adorably swarm the youngster as he crawls on the floor and they love to run after family members outdoors and throughout the house!

Dag admits that there was quite a lot of clean up involved. “I think one of the most time-consuming things I did in this period was walk around with bucket, water, cloth and toilet paper,” he says.

In Norway, if someone wants a puppy, they are encouraged to go to a responsible breeder, like Kingwanas, who health check the parents, breed for good temperament and health, and have been socialized in a normal household. Norway does not have a homeless dog population anywhere near the scale of other countries and therefore does not have overcrowded shelters. It is also against the law to neuter dogs in Norway, where the practice is seen as unnecessary and possibly harmful to the animal.

All the Basenji puppies are in “lovely caring homes”.

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