Man Makes Friend Who Drinks And Drives Think He’s Been In Coma In Hopes Of Getting Through To Him

Drinking and driving is something that when it’s prevented, stops tragedies from happening. When YouTube prankster Tom Mabe heard that his friend, Ray, had been charged with his fifth DUI, he decided to play an “epic” prank on his friend to teach him a lesson.

Tom and his friends waited until he blacked-out and then put him in a room decorated like a hospital. When he woke up, Ray was told he had been a coma for 10 years. They even arranged for a fake news report to be broadcast on the TV set. How does Ray react to his friend’s prank? And do you think Tom’s prank would get through to Ray? Watch the video below.

As Tom says in the video, drinking and driving is no joke. It tragically affect lives, which is why I hope this prank sobered Ray up, or at least kept him from getting in his car.

Share this important message with your friends and if you have a friend that drinks and drives, don’t stay quiet about it.

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