Abused Purple Kitten Used As ‘Chew Toy’ Is Rescued And Finds Friendship And Love

A poor 1.75 pound kitten was found dyed in purple ink and with multiple bite wounds by a Good Samaritan in California. He was rushed to the San Jose Animal Care Center, which notified local rescues about him.


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

Nine Lives Foundation, a no-kill cat shelter in Redwood City, California, immediately responded and came and took him for emergency medical care.


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

They named him ‘Smurf’. Smurf was probably used as a bait animal – a chew toy for a larger animal – most likely fighting dogs.


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

Smurf was shaved to help treat his wounds; he had 15 puncture wounds all over his body.


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

He got multiple baths, care of his wounds and was put on antibiotics.


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

Exhausted, the 7-week-old little boy rested on his warm heating pad.


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

After a few days of healing, Smurf is beginning to feel much better. He even had the energy to play with two new friends!

Nine Lives write, “This little guy will undergo surgery next week to repair the large wound on his right leg/ knee but all the other wounds are healing nicely!”


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

Smurf’s friend (and fellow kitten) Wanda “takes good care of him” says the rescue group. The two will be going into foster care together!

***Several months have passed since Smurf’s rescue and his color is fading away and his beautiful gray fur is growing in nicely!****

As of March, Smurf and Wanda are still together, but Smurf looks like a whole new kitten! He’s only got a few small patches of purple left on his fur.


Photo credit: Smurf and Wanda

Smurf is mostly this beautiful, unique gray. “White speckles here, white racing stripe there, and only very faint patches of purple remain around his neck area, and the insides of his hind legs,” says his rescuers. “He is one strong boy, and nothing will stop him from letting his true colors shine!”


Photo credit: Smurf and Wanda

And Smurf presently? He is all grown up and beautiful!

And he and Wanda have a forever home together.

To find out how to help Smurf and kittens like him, visit Nine Lives Foundation’s website.

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